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Forced Ventilation Units for speed controlled electric motors

The company Kurt Maier Motor-Press GmbH was established in 1979. Our expanding company has production centres in Germany and Southern Europe.

Since more than 30 years we produce forced ventilation units for the electric motor manufacturers.Our experiences are your guarantor for quality and flexible solutions.

Further products are components for electric motors in frame 56 - 400, incremental Encoder, centrifugal fans as were  flameproof motors / hazardous motors.
blower kit IP66 von kMMp
Electric motors with forced ventilation units are used in all fields of the industry. From the food processing industry up to rolling mills and offshore applications – they all have different demands on the motors and forced ventilation units.

Different forced ventilation units are available for any special field of application. We offer standardized forced ventilation units in IP 66 but also customized solutions.
All forced ventilation units are specially manufactured according to customer´s demand to fit on each individual electric motor / gear. Thus, a simple mounting or change of the units is assured.

blower kit MW kMMp forced ventilation system by kMMp  forced ventilation unit by kMMp 1R Kurt Maier Motor Press GmbH
Forced Ventilation Unit
Typ MW
incl. fan cowl Bg. 63-225
Forced Ventilation Unit 
incl. fan cowl Bg. 250-450
Forced Ventilation Unit
noise reduced
Typ R-RBK Bg. 250-400

The existing fan cowl of the electric motor will be exchanged against the complete forced ventilation unit, while the standard ventilation fan will be disassembled. Our units are equipped with a separate terminal box and are delivered primed.

Designs - Forced Ventilation Units / Blower kits

  • we offer independent forced ventilation units in all frame sizes for all IEC electric motors 
  • special construction  > frame 400
  • standardized ventilations continuously in IP 66
  • customized adjustment of the forced ventilation extensions on your motors
  • changeable extensions
  • Multivolt for single-phase and three-phase connection
  • UL / CSA in insulation class F
  • Forced ventilation units with low-noise
  • Special voltage
  • Insulation class H
  • VIK
  • Thermistors / thermal protection
  • Space heater
  • Dust protection
  • fan cowl in stainless steel


  • Textile version
  • Tropical protection version
  • Rain cover
  • Forced ventilation motors in cast-iron (offshore)
  • Vibration-resistant versions
  • Fan cover in 5 mm material thickness (mining)
  • Blowers statically and dynamically balanced for constant run (tooling machines)
  • 2-part terminal boxes in PPN or aluminium
  • Versions with plug, cable (without terminal box)
  • Covers in galvanized version
  • Epoxy resin coating
  • Finishing varnish
  • High-quality steel
  • Ventilations with independent application for electric motors with a second shaft end


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